How store credit works

If you’ve sold us pieces and you’ve chosen to take store credit - go you! You’re now totally circular and enjoying the new way to shop.

These are the must-knows about Store Credit.

  • We give store credit when you sell items to us. If you sell us £100 of items, we give you £110 in store credit. That’s an extra 10% for doing nothing. If you’re curious about how to make that happen, go to the How To Sell With Us page.
  • Sometimes we give store credit for late returns too.
  • Your store credit is kept for you on your account for up to one year.
  • As you buy pieces from us, we put the cost of those pieces against your store credit. If your store credit runs out, we charge the payment method on your account. But we always use your store credit first.
  • If you want to see your Store Credit amount, just go to My Account page.
  • You can top up your balance every time you sell with us and choose to take store credit.

Remember, if you sell with us and take payment as store credit, you earn an extra 10% for doing nothing! That’s an extra 10% to spend on new-to-you pieces handpicked for you by your Circle of Style personal stylist.

What’s not to love?