What is Circle of Style?

Circle of Style is a collection of the best preloved stores in the UK. We make shopping secondhand easy, by curating vetted resellers of clothing and accessories that are personalised to suit your style and size preferences. You only pay for what you keep, because we hold your payment for 28 days until we know you’re happy, before passing it on to the store.

You get stylist expertise and a personal shopper, whilst you shop.

How does Circle of Style work?

First, we ask you take your quiz. The quiz takes about 5 minutes to do and is a way for us to capture your style preferences, as well as your size and budget. The quiz is entirely anonymous, we never share your data with anyone. We simply use it in the background to help pull in the right preloved pieces for you.

Then you have to sign up (and log in every time you come back) for you to get your personal preloved store, that we’ve pulled together for you and add pieces we think you’ll love. Just make sure you’ve taken your quiz, logged in and click “Shop” to see what’s there.

What’s Your Four?

Your Four are the weekly emails pulled together by a stylist based on the answers you’ve given us and what you're looking for. We share our top four picks for you, along with styling advice for each item! You can give us feedback so we can make it better next time.

How do I make my recommendations better?

Great question!

Style Profile: go to the About You section to find your Style Profile. Add more info about your style and what you’re looking for there.

Your Four: Click through from your email to Your Four (or go to circleofstyle.com/recommendations) to give us feedback so we can pick better pieces next time.

Your Store: We personalise your store based on your style profile and quiz answers. Tell us what you like by clicking 🧡, and DISMISS what you don’t like. That helps us curate the right pieces for you and send you suggestions.

Your Orders: Give us feedback on items you’ve bought from us. We listen to every word!

How does the quiz work?

The quiz takes about 5 minutes to do and is a way for us to capture your style preferences, as well as your size and budget. The quiz is entirely anonymous, we never share your data with anyone. We simply use it in the background to help pull in the right preloved pieces for you.

Where is Circle of Style based?

We are based in London and we currently only cover the United Kingdom. But we will be expanding soon so watch this space!

Do you do Gifting?

Damn right we do! We have two options currently available.

They’re flying like hotcakes so make sure you impress your gal pal, mum or special woman in your life (that could be yourself!) with the gift of personal styling and preloved luxury pieces. You can find out more on our Gifting page.

If you want to buy a loved one vouchers to use in the store, email us at hello@circleofstyle.com

Which charities do you work with?

We believe in the importance of giving back. We donate to Choose Love, Smart Works and Doctors Without Borders.

Where do we get our pieces from?

We have agreements with top resale partners, and we source ourselves from Circlers and private sellers who have wonderful pieces, often unworn, in their closets that they no longer want.

We scour the planet for the best pre-owned pieces so we have as much variety as possible to ensure what we add to your personal store has your name written all over it.If you’re a preloved store that wants to partner with us, email clodagh@circleofstyle.com

What makes Circle of style sustainable?

The only more sustainable option than using Circle of Style is being naked.

We only ever show you preloved pieces or surplus stock, so everything we send you may have otherwise been burned or gone into landfill. All pre-existing clothing, which is by far the most sustainable option, as there is no water used, or carbon and pollution created. Instead we prolong the life-cycle of each garment. That means you can own luxury pieces for a fraction of their original cost, being kind to the planet and your pocket too.

We also minimise any other carbon-emission creating activity, like transport, by using the Royal Mail, and using only recycled packaging. We also ensure we recycle everything we use.

If you have any other suggestions on how we can become even more sustainable, we’d love to hear it.

Why do I have to take a quiz? Can I shop without it?

The quiz allows us to find you pieces that reflect your style and aesthetic taste, as well as your size and budget.

Having said that, we add value by sometimes showing you something that takes you out of your comfort zone too!

You can shop with us without the quiz, but it’s not as good! So make sure you take the quiz at circleofstyle.com/quiz and log in whenever you shop with us!

Can I change my answers after I’ve done the quiz?

We love you updating your quiz! Simply log into your account, and click My Style Profile, and you can change your answers to pretty much every aspect of the quiz - ane more. You can also add more photos of yourself, and your style icons, and tell us more about your do’s and don’ts so your stylist really gets to know you.

How do deliveries & returns work?

We offer free shipping. You may get more than one parcel, if you’ve ordered several items (as they may come from more than one store), but we don’t charge you for any shipping.

Returns aren’t free, but we’re working on how we do that. We do accept returns, hassle-free.

We offer a 28 days return policy. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 28 days of making the order, provided it's in its original condition with all tags attached.

To initiate a return, log into your Circle of Style account, navigate to 'My Orders', select the the order, give feedback and pick “return”. You will have information in your parcel about where to send your return to. Any problems - just email us at hello@circleofstyle.com

Standard shipping typically takes 3 days.

Can I get more information about a product?

Absolutely! If you need more details about a product, please email us at hello@circleofstyle.com and we can help you with this.

Can I track my order?

Yes! Once your order is shipped, you'll receive a tracking number via email. You can use this number to track your order's progress. Any problems, just email us at hello@circleofstyle.com.

How does the styling service work?

Go to “Get Styled” to take your quiz. Your stylist wants to know everything so she can pick the right pieces for you. You can add more detail in your Style Profile in your account.

Pick how often you want your style box - we offer monthly or every 3 or 6 months. You can also pick a one-off box. Styling costs £29.99. Any questions, email us at hello@circleofstyle.com

You have 7 days to try your pieces, and you must return anything by or on day 7 of receiving your style box. We only charge for what you keep after that 7 day window.

How much do clothes in my style box cost?

You set the price. Our pieces are desirable, in great condition, and that’s reflected in the price tag.

Do you provide in-home styling and wardrobe detoxing?

Yes we do! We partner with the best Marie Kondo trained home organisers and wardrobe detoxers in the UK, or personal stylists that can visit and give you advice about gaps in your wardrobe and which pieces aren’t doing you any favours. Just email us with what you need at hello@circleofstyle.com

Do you work with brands or shoots?

Yes, we do. We've supplied wardrobe for various brand campaigns and shoots. There is a fee attached for any inventory needed for business reasons. If purchases are made by a business, it's also handled differently than for individuals.

Who is styling my clothes?

Your stylist is a world-class expert. They might be personal stylists to individuals, or fashion stylists that have worked on shoots and shows. We allocate a stylist to you based on your style preference. So if you’re a boho chick, or love feminine detailing, then we give you a stylist that loves and knows that style. If you’re all about classic lines, or an androgynous or minimalist vibe, we make sure you have a stylist that loves that style and understands it. You can meet some of our stylists in About Us.