How does it work?
  1. Take your style quiz, and don’t hold back. Your stylist wants to know everything so she can pick the right pieces for you. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for your first box as your stylist scours countless sources for the best pieces for you. Then it’s as often as you choose.
  2. Subscribe and we take the styling fee of £9.99. You can choose to receive a box every 1, 3 or 6 months. Each box has 5 pieces in them.
  3. Tah-dah! Your box arrives. You have 7 days to decide what to keep, and post back your returns using the prepaid label in your box. You only pay for what you keep. Log in to see prices and give feedback so she can do even better for you next time. If you don’t return anything we presume you’re keeping the lot.
How does marketplace work?

Your marketplace is a way for you to shop countless secondhand stores all in one go, personalised to you. We take the answers from your style quiz and curate pieces that suit your style, size and budget, saving you hours of trawling.

Take your quiz, and then pick "Shop Myself" to see what you can add to your cart. Deliveries are free. Returns are based on the store's criteria, so do check info when your delivery arrives, and contact the store if you have any questions. We're always here to help too.

We're opening the marketplace to our customers first, so if you have any feedback we would love to hear it. Just email marketplace@circleofstyle.com

How much does it cost?

You set the price. We’re not an alternative to a thrift or charity shop. Our pieces are desirable, in great condition, and that’s reflected in the price tag.

Other than that, the styling fee starts at £9.99. The price of a copy of Vogue and a frothy coffee, and you get world-class stylists handpicking pieces just for you.

How do returns work?

Returns are free. You have 7 days to try your pieces on at home, decide what to keep and post back returns using the pre-paid label to the post office on or by day 7. Keep the confirmation slip in case of any issues.

When does Circle charge for clothes?

We don’t charge until we’ve received your returns. However, if you don't post your box back on or by day 7 of the try-at-home window, we will assume you're happy with the whole box (yay!) and charge.

How can I sell pieces to Circle of Style?

We make it super easy. You get immediate payment, and we organise the shipping for you. Read more about How To Sell With Us.

How does store credit work?

If you’ve sold us pieces and you’ve chosen to take store credit - go you! You’re now totally circular and enjoying the new way to shop.

These are the must-knows about store credit.

  • We give store credit when you sell items to us. That credit can go towards future purchases from Circle of Style. And when you take store credit, we add an extra 10% to your credit. That means if you sell us £100 of items, we give you £110 in store credit. That’s an extra 10% for doing nothing. If you’re curious about how to make that happen, go to the How To Sell With Us page.
  • Sometimes we give store credit for late returns too.
  • Your store credit is kept for you on your account for up to one year.
  • As you buy pieces from us, we put the cost of those pieces against your store credit. If your store credit runs out, we charge the payment method on your account. But we always use your store credit first.
  • If you want to see your store credit amount, just go to My Account page.
  • You can top up your balance every time you sell with us and choose to take store credit.

Remember, if you sell with us and take payment as store credit, you earn an extra 10% for doing nothing! That’s an extra 10% to spend on new-to-you pieces handpicked for you by your Circle of Style personal stylist. What’s not to love?

Do you do Gifting?

Damn right we do! We have three options currently available. They’re flying like hotcakes so make sure you impress your gal pal, mum or special woman in your life with the gift of personal styling and preloved luxury pieces. You can find out more on our Gifting page.

Do you provide in-home styling and wardrobe detoxing?

Yes we do! We partner with the best Marie Kondo trained home organisers and wardrobe detoxers in the UK, or personal stylists that can visit and give you advice about gaps in your wardrobe and which pieces aren’t doing you any favours. Check out more about our Our Partners here.

Can I change my answers and profile after I’ve done the quiz?

We love you updating your quiz! Simply log into your account, and go to My Style, and you can change your answers to pretty much every aspect of the quiz. You can also add more photos of yourself, and your style icons, and tell us more about your do’s and don’ts so your stylist really gets to know you.

Which charities do we work with?

We believe in the importance of giving back. We partner with celebrities and influencers who resell their unwanted items through us, and 10% of the share from their sales goes to a charity of their choosing, such as Choose Love or Smart Works.

How do I feedback? And why is my feedback important?

Simply log into your account, and go to My Account by clicking on your name on the top right hand icon, or use the menu to go to My Orders. There you’ll see a Feedback button. Then simply rate each piece out of 5 stars (5 high, 1 low) and choose a thumbs up or down for each reason. Add more in the text box too. We love to hear as much as you have to tell us.

Who is styling my clothes?

Your stylist is a world-class expert that range from personal stylists to individuals and celebrities, and some have worked on fashion shoots and shows. We allocate a stylist to you based on your style preference. So if you’re a boho chick, then we give you a stylist that loves and knows that style. If you’re all about classic lines, or an androgynous or minimalist vibe, we make sure you have a stylist that loves that style and understands it.

Where does Circle of Style get its pieces from?

We have agreements with top retail partners, and we also source ourselves from Circlers and private sellers who have wonderful pieces, often unworn, in their closets that they no longer want. They sell us the pieces so they can go to a loving home. We scour the planet for the best pre-owned pieces so we have as much variety as possible to ensure what we send you has your name written all over it.

What makes Circle of Style sustainable?

We only ever send you pre-owned pieces or surplus stock, so everything we send you may have otherwise been burned or gone into landfill. All pre-existing clothing, which is by far the most sustainable option, as there is no water used, or carbon and pollution created, in producing any garments. Instead we prolong the life-cycle of each garment. That means you can own luxury pieces for a fraction of their original cost.

We also minimise any other carbon-emission creating activity, like transport, by using the Royal Mail, not courier services, and using only recycled packaging. We also ensure we recycle everything we use.

We’re even sustainable in our use of marketing and photography, by avoiding bespoke shoots and using a lot of photography from well-loved photographers and content that has already been shot for editorial, and pay them usage. Instead of organising shoots that create a great deal of waste.

If you have any other suggestions on how we can become even more sustainable, we’d love to hear it.

Do you have a refer-a-friend scheme?

We don’t yet – but we’re working on it. We have so many Circlers that have recommended us to their gal pals, and we’re super grateful! We will figure out how best to show our gratitude. And if you have any ideas, drop us a line!

What if I can't find my returns label?

Chances are, it's in your box, but it's fallen to the side or the bottom, so have a really good hunt and rummage. If you've searched thoroughly and cannot find it, email hello@circleofstyle.com and we will email you one straight back. Job done.

Where do you keep my data and who sees it?

The only people who see your quiz answers are your stylists. And the only people who see your address and order data are our fulfillment staff who process your orders. We never share your data with third parties, and your data is stored securely. We want to know as much as we can about you so we can help you look and feel fantastic. We're not interested in doing anything else with your data, and never will. If you ever want us to delete your data, just tell us and we'll do it straight away.

How do I unsubscribe?

Don't. We're kidding. It's easy, just log into your account and click Manage Subscription. If you're unsubscribing close to when your next box is due, and your stylist has started curating it, then you may get a box before we end your subscription. But if you unsubscribe three weeks before your next box is due, then it should be fine.